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Concrete Pumping in Louisville, KY | PrestonGREEN

One of the most important parts of ICF installation is concrete pumping. That’s because ICFs essentially result in cast-in-place concrete walls that are sandwiched tightly between two layers of insulation material. This method results in strong, energy-efficient systems with thick walls that provide excellent insulation. With uses ranging from residential to commercial to industrial, ICFs are becoming a more and more popular building material.
So where does concrete pumping come in? Well, the process of installing ICF systems is actually pretty similar to traditional masonry. The first step involves placing the foam forms in layers, starting at the corners, in order to build up the wall. The wall is created with uniform cavities that will allow concrete to flow through, creating flat concrete walls with a consistent thickness when the project is complete.

Once the forms have been placed, braced, and reinforced, it will be time to pump the concrete. Even with best-in-class bracing equipment like the rentals that we offer, it’s important to fill the forms at an appropriate rate based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. That will help prevent misalignment and blowouts.

Over the years that ICF has been growing in popularity, there have been major product advancements and improved techniques introduced into the field. These innovations have greatly reduced the rate of form failure, and these days, it is very unlikely as long as manufacturer recommendations are being followed.
Still, it’s important to call in the experts when you need assistance with concrete pumping for an ICF job. We have years of experience working in this field, and we are here to help when you need to tap into deep knowledge about this method of building. We understand the concrete pumping requirements of each type of ICF project, and we can help you ensure that you don’t lose money on unexpected form failures or incidents as the result of improper pumping.

We’re proud to promote the use of sustainable, environmentally friendly ICF building materials. As an early adopter of this globally impactful technology, we have deep-seated knowledge about all of the challenges and concerns that may accompany its use for new users and contractors who have less ICF experience. We’re always happy to share our knowledge and partner together for an ICF project.

If you’re looking for assistance with concrete pumping for an ICF job, we’re here to help. As a major vendor of ICF products and services in the American Midwest, we’re a leader in the world of sustainable construction projects. We believe that ICF is the material of the future, and we can’t wait to help other contractors harness this powerful building tool.

To learn more about concrete pumping for ICF and to get an estimate for your job, reach out to us today. We are looking forward to hearing from you!