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Swimming Pool Installation in Louisville, KY

Swimming Pool Installation Services by PrestonGREEN: Transforming Your Outdoor Space Into an Elegant Oasis

When you’re ready to take your outdoor space up a notch, get in touch with our expert team at PrestonGREEN. We are renowned for our work on customized, unique solutions for every property. We understand that every home has different needs, and we’ll work with you to create a summertime oasis that’s both beautiful and functional.

Browse Our Swimming Pool Installation Services

Custom Swimming Pool Design

Our team of expert designers will consult with each of our clients to gain a deep understanding of their unique needs and preferences. We will work with you to create personalized swimming pool designs that tie into your existing architecture and landscape. At PrestonGREEN, we use only high-quality, sustainable materials so that we can create stylish, functional pools to meet each client’s unique tastes.

Swimming Pool Construction

With unmatched attention to detail, our construction team has developed a reputation for creating swimming pools that go above and beyond each of our client’s expectations. We always adhere to industry best practices so that your pool can be completed to the highest standards of quality and durability. We’ll harness modern construction techniques and use only the best of the best equipment so that we can guarantee a safe, study swimming pool built to withstand the test of time.

Swimming Pool Repair and Maintenance

To ensure that your swimming pool remains in optimal condition, we also offer comprehensive swimming pool repair and maintenance services. Whether you need assistance with damaged pool surfaces, worn equipment, or structural and mechanical issues, we’re here to help. At PrestonGREEN, we’ll make sure your pool is in prime condition for years to come.

Pool Deck and Surrounding Features

Any homeowner knows that when you install a swimming pool, you’ll probably want some stylish accessories to go with it. We offer numerous add-ons that will enhance your pool’s aesthetic and functionality, including custom pool decks, patios, and other surrounding features. With various materials and styles available, we have something for everyone.

Pool Lighting and Accessories

When you’re looking to take your pool project to the next level, we offer numerous accessories that will enhance its beauty and functionality even further. These options include items like underwater lighting, accent lights, water features, automated pool covers, and more. We will work with you to create the swimming pool of your dreams.