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ICF Builder Supplies in Louisville, KY

Building Sustainable, Beautiful Homes With ICF

How do we achieve our goal of building beautiful, environmentally friendly homes? At PrestonGREEN, we have access to all of the latest innovative technologies and products like insulated concrete forms (ICFs).

ICFs are just one of the many tools that allow us to build Net-Zero homes – in other words, buildings that consume no more energy than they produce. We’re able to achieve that end through a combination of sustainability best practices, including energy-efficient design, renewable energy systems, and innovative building materials like the ICFs we mentioned.

So what exactly are ICFs? They are basically hollow foam blocks that are filled with concrete to create a sturdy, energy-efficient wall system. Their superior thermal insulation properties make them an ideal material for homeowners looking to achieve Net-Zero status.

But it’s not just the environment that benefits from our sustainable building practices. At PrestonGREEN, we believe that the homeowner benefits just as much from the energy-efficient homes we pride ourselves on. The innovative technologies and sustainable building practices that we pride ourselves on contribute to a cleaner and more enjoyable future for everyone on the planet. As a homeowner living in one of our ICF Net-Zero homes, you will be able to revel in a comfortable, beautiful, and functional space that is designed to last for generations to come.

Your One-Stop Shop for Insulated Concrete Form Construction

We are the premier supplier of ICF construction materials for the Midwest portion of the United States. As developers, builders, and advocates of ICF buildings ourselves, we have the know-how to help you take on any ICF project with ease. Our team’s deep knowledge of these products and processes allows us to act as a one-stop shop so that you can get your project up and running as quickly as possible.

We offer numerous services to help with your ICF-related projects. We carry the blocks needed to conduct these builds, which are known as “Fox Blocks,” in 6-inch, 8-inch, and 12-inch sizes. We also offer specialty pieces like corner blocks and brick ledges. ICFs are an incredibly versatile material offering fast build times, a high return on investment, and fire and sound resistance. They are a great, environmentally friendly choice for any project.

Other products we carry include HV clips, which secure Fox Blocks together, completely cutting out the need for truss wire and therefore slashing the price of securing the blocks together. Our spray foam is another popular product, and it is formulated for the specific purpose of ICF builds. It is meant to fill in any gaps in the ICFs before you pour the concrete in. Finally, we can provide walk plank. For those outside the industry, walk plank refers to OSHA-stamped wood scaffolding planks that help you ensure your job site meets OSHA’s strict safety standards.

We also offer a rentable bracing system to facilitate the installation of Fox Blocks. We have partnerships with an expert installer and concrete pumper to allow for your project to take off without any hitches.

As the Midwest’s paramount ICF construction experts, we should be your first call when you’re considering an environmentally sustainable ICF build. We can’t wait to hear from you!